t Heavenly Global Healthcare, we strive to provide our community with the proper resources and tools available to help them get the assistance they need at home. Whether its getting their home care services started, to help our clients renew their Medicaid. Heavenly Global Healthcare has several resources available for our senior clients. It may not be an easy task but we are here to guide you and your family. Below are some of the options and programs we provide. We will always find the right option for you. Please feel free to contact our office for further questions.


edicaid waivers were created to provide the option of staying in the home or community instead of an institution or facility such as a nursing home. Choosing to stay in the home or community is not only more comfortable but has economic benefits as well. In Georgia, there are several Medicaid Waiver Programs for which our clients may be eligible. The largest programs are SOURCE and CCSP, both of which are provided by Heavenly Global Healthcare Services.


(Service Options Using Resources in Community Environment) is a statewide Primary Care Enhanced Case Management Service under the Elderly and Disabled Waiver that links primary medical care with many long term health services in a person’s home or community setting to prevent unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital stays and avoid institutionalization.


Community Care Services Program (CCSP) helps Medicaid-eligible people who are elderly and/ or functionally impaired to continue living in their homes and communities. CCSP offers community-based care as an alternative to nursing home placement. The division of Aging and Services, a division of the Department of Human Resources, administers, CCSP.

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